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Gate Repair

Gate Repair

At Automatic Gate Repair Encino our focus is on a variety of gate repair services for our customers. We offer gate service to our customers twenty four hours a day and seven days a week to ensure everyone gets help when they need it.

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Commercial Gate Repair

Commercial Gate Repair

At Automatic Gate Repair Encino our Commercial Gate Services Team is ready to provide the best gate service in the city around the clock 24/7. Our experts are devoted to same day service and they provide a smile, friendly approach and pure professional results

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Intercom System

Intercom System

Our company is the best in gate Intercom System installation, programming and repair services. We are trained properly, are knowledgeable of the latest Aiphone and Doorking intercom systems and have the equipment and expertise to provide first-class and fast services.

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Excellent driveway gate service by top technicians!

Answers for your questions on gate repairs and door maintenance can be found here.

Is there an easy gate hinge repair I can do by myself?

Hinges of gates are made of metal that get rusty and cause the gates to be defective. There is an easy and practical way to treat rusty hinges. All you have to do is to scrape the rust first by using a wire brush. Wipe it clean and clear of metal particles. Apply oil or grease or any rust proofing agent. Hinges will function like new ones.

How can I have access and know who might be at my gate?

Your safety and security is dependent on the kind of gate you have installed and how reliable it functions. A new added feature of gates is the intercom. It’s a device that enables you to know whoever is at your gate by just talking to the person with the use of this device. It secures your safety as you need not go near your gate.

What can I install in my sliding gate to make it safer?

Gates are not only for security but for the safety of everyone. Gates these days are equipped with lots of safety features. One safety feature for sliding gates is the sliding gate safety sensor. This enables the gate to monitor if an object or a person is in contact with the gate. This sensor will prevent the gate from operating thus avoiding any possible danger or accident.

How to maintain automatic gates?

It's always advisable to get our gate repair Encino experts to check on your gates periodically. Cleaning and lubricating the parts is essential and parts like belts have to be changed every few years. Not all chains should be lubricated, so check with the experts first.

Are solar powered gates reliable?

Technology has vastly improved over the past years, making the harnessing of solar power quite reliable. According to our technicians, choosing a solar powered system is recommended, but should be done by experts. The whole mechanism is not like the common gate opener, but involves more sophisticated parts and installation.

Is there a module-by-module type of gate operator upgrade?

Unfortunately, for now there is no option to upgrade gate operators or gate systems piece by piece. If you are using an old gate opener that does not come with safety features, you have no other choice but to have a complete replacement. It is possible to replace defective parts but you cannot change the underlying technology of the old operator.

What are gate intercoms?

Usually, doorbells are enough to inform homeowners about visitors, but sometimes, intercoms might be a viable option. These units allow you to communicate to outsiders while being safely inside your home. If your household gets a lot of guests regularly, it might be wise to invest in intercom units.

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