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Gate Repair

Gate Repair

At Automatic Gate Repair Encino our focus is on a variety of gate repair services for our customers. We offer gate service to our customers twenty four hours a day and seven days a week to ensure everyone gets help when they need it.

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Commercial Gate Repair

Commercial Gate Repair

At Automatic Gate Repair Encino our Commercial Gate Services Team is ready to provide the best gate service in the city around the clock 24/7. Our experts are devoted to same day service and they provide a smile, friendly approach and pure professional results

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Intercom System

Intercom System

Our company is the best in gate Intercom System installation, programming and repair services. We are trained properly, are knowledgeable of the latest Aiphone and Doorking intercom systems and have the equipment and expertise to provide first-class and fast services.

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Full residential/commercial electric gate repair services!

Read further on the best gate repair and maintenance services at home. The tips below will be very helpful when you are looking for new ideas to upgrade your opener gate system or wonder about different materials. Also learn about the importance of maintenance!

Regular gate motor replacement is important

Gate motor replacement will surely be necessary when it is seriously damaged or doesn't meet current requirements concerning your safety. The technology of residential gate openers keeps progressing and today you will have the chance to get more powerful ones with extra features, which will contribute to your security and, therefore, it's important to get updated regularly and replace the opener motor relatively often.

The best gate material

The best material will be the one, which doesn't get rusty over the years and still is strong enough to provide full home security. Iron erodes, aluminum is too soft and wood warps. Hence, it's best to choose wrought iron gates, which have undercoats of galvanized materials and powder coat finishes. This process will make them resistant to elements and, thus, they will last longer.

Know about the criteria for your gate

Our gate experts say that a person’s gate can depend on their preferences, but there are a certain set of specific criteria to consider. The four criteria are: security, privacy, type of automation, and aesthetics. First and foremost, the gate of choice must be capable of providing your property with security and privacy. You must then find the right type of automation that best suits your needs. Lastly, the aesthetic must be pleasing to the eye; at this point, it is up to you if you want the gate to be the best looking gate in all of Encino.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

Automatic gate openers have made our lives easier but that does not mean they are maintenance free. For a pad mount type of opener, our gate repair experts recommend lubricating the joints as they need to move freely, while for slide gates operating with a chain drive mechanism, the chain needs to be oiled frequently. In case of swing gates, pay attention to the hinges as they need to be greased and tightened well using quality lubricants.

Make sure gate parts match

Every part must be chosen according to the weight of the gate. This will determine which residential gate openers to get and which sensors should be integrated. The gate should also determine the size of the track and the sliding gate rollers or the size of the posts.

Regular tests

You should always test the electronic components of the gate (the instruction manual should contain the proper steps to do them correctly). This is important so that you know the overall condition of your gate. This is also one way of detecting a potential problem and fixing it before anything goes wrong.

Keep all the dirt and mess away

Cleanliness is very important in maintaining your gate. If you don’t have the time for it, our gate repair experts recommend that you avail of maintenance services to make sure that your gate is properly maintained. This applies to all types of gates, from wood to steel and wrought iron gates.

Evaluate a wireless gate opener keypad based on its capacity and performance

Check how many unique access codes you can create. A higher number of codes will give you greater security and flexibility. When it comes to performance, you will benefit from using a wireless keypad with double or triple frequency to minimize the risk of signal interference. The larger the frequency range is, the better. It may go without saying, but the keypad must be highly resistant to weather damage.

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